Hay Day Review

Hay Day Review

Today, on haydaydiamondhack.com, we are going to present you short depiction of one of the most anticipated games designed for mobile devices.  Hay Day is a title that gathered players from all around the world and the reason hiding behind this is quite simple. Because of the interesting solutions concerning gameplay, and of course mechanics that will surprise even the most experienced mobile games players. If you are wondering what this game is all about or you want to find out what are the pros and cons Hay Day provides. No matter what are your reasons, you are welcomed to familiarize yourself with the review providing on this page.

To begin with, let’s state some basic information regarding the title we are focusing today. Supercell, a studio responsible for titles such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach or Clash Royale, has designed a simulator, where our job is to develop farm. It seems rather simple, isn’t it? However, there are more to add about Hay Day. You see, at the beginning, the game might be rather boring because only with time, there are new features unlocked. However, if someone is a fan of farming simulators, or other games, where you have to take care of your own business, this title might be really interesting, especially now when there are no other attractive titles on the market. So, let’s begin describing and see if the positive sides exceeds the negatives.
Why this game deserves your attention?

Hay Day

Everyone who enjoys playing simulator games, where growing plants, taking crops and generally taking care of farm is the essential aspect should find something interesting in here. Hay Day lets you not only develop it but also customize the way you want. There is no need to focus on each and every type of seed. There’s a choice whether you want to focus on one precise species or take care of more. Moreover, there is a feature that will appeal to fans of online fun. You can invite your friends, develop your farm and then trade the goods with them. Except that, you can also build your own town and profit from it. The last but surely not least option involves completing order with the help of your trucks or even steamboats.
What about the flaws? Are there any?

There is no such thing as flawless product. Even though Supercell studio is a respectable group of specialists, who enjoy great popularity and legitimacy, it was just impossible to avoid mistakes. However, except some bugs involving graphics or gameplay, one can really discourage from playing the game. The element we are talking about is called micro-transaction system. It is used by the rich in order to get special bonuses and unlock new features. Except that, you also need constant Internet connection, so there is no chance to play the game offline.

If you have not been discouraged by these flaws, then this game is definitely for you. Hay Day, as a farming simulator game, meets all the basic requirements!

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